L'IRIDE - early music ensemble

After more than 25 years of concerts, after more than 25 years of thoughts and sometimes desperation about early music and its state and after many attempts to establish and partecipate in new ensembles and groups, I finally decided to gather a restricted group of related musicians (and friends) with common ideas and ideals.
L'IRIDE (english IRIS), with his original double meaning (IRIDE = ARCOBALENO/RAINBOW) and the strict relationship between colors and musical notes (Newton, 1704), represents our ensemble's effort to bring to the audience all aspects and affects related to the musical text: a plethora of colors, a rainbow of sentiments.

Etymological dictionary (words iris/iride and rainbow/arcobaleno):

iride arcobaleno

The Newton's colour circle ( Isaak Newton - Opticks. 1704, from Book I, Part II, Proposition VI, Problem 2):